The Reason Behind the Silence

Hello Captains,

First off, we would like to thank you all for the continued support of Cosmos Invictus since its launch. You may have noticed that our team has been quieter than normal for the past couple of months.

We would like to ensure you that the entire team is still hard at work on producing the v1.1 update of the game, and initially, the update was planned for launch at the end of July. Sadly, though as we were gearing up for the last staging of development and testing the wildfires in Attiki (Greece) started to spread. This affected several of our key team members, and due to the situation, we chose to give them time to deal with the destruction caused by this unbelievable disaster…

attiki wildfires 2018

In case you haven’t heard the wildfires in Attiki claimed the lives of over 90 people and destroyed thousands of homes leaving many families homeless in its path. Luckily, our team members and their families made it out of the fire unscathed, but the community they lived in was heavily damaged. Many of their friends and close family members lost everything they owned in the wildfires and were forced to evacuate their homes to avoid harm. In just a night many were left with only the clothes they had on when they run away from the burning fire.

Due to the destructive nature of this natural disaster, we felt it was only right to give these team members time to cope with the disaster. During this time many were able to volunteer their time to helps those in needs in this area. Some members even helped with local wildlife that had been injured and displaced by the flames. We are incredibly proud of them and what they achieved before returning to their normal duties here at Pegnio and Cosmos Invictus.

While things won’t ever be nearly the same they have chosen to come back and help us push forward on the release of Cosmos Invictus v1.1 and develop the following game elements:

  • The ability to purchase CosmoCredits will be removed from the AstroStore
  • Use Medals to purchase items from the AstroStore
  • The addition of volume levels to control the Music and SFX to the in-game settings
  • Faction penalties have been linked with the use of your Spaceship.  For Example: If you are a GU captain and you choose to use an HFA faction ship, you will not have to pay card penalties for using GU cards
  • The introduction of AI controlled opponents in the BattleZone with balanced matchmaking
  • You will receive level-up rewards based on your Captains faction
  • Allowing you to play the opposite factions missions
  • Card sorting added in inside of the Hand and Forge based on your Energy and Stats
  • Adding duplicate cards to your deck is directly linked to their rarity
  • Newly added or cards you have won will be highlighted in yellow when in the Hangar
  • The timer in missions will be adjusted to 3 minutes for players
  • Improvements to the overall game balance

We aim to launch Cosmos Invictus v1.1 by the end of this week.

In addition to these announcements, we have decided to make any funds gained in the first 3 months of the game being live be donated to the Greek government’s relief fund or as new diasters have hit other places (like the Philippines and the USA we may split the amount). This donation period ensures that the funds earned by game purchased between June 27th and September 30th will go to help those affected. At the end of this period, we will be posting the entire donated amount to our page as you are the people who make things happen with your support for the game!


We thank you for your continued support,

The Cosmos Invictus Team