Readying Cosmos Invictus for STEAM Early Access

First of all, we would like to apologize to all of our supporters keeping up with the project. We know there has been a lack of updates lately, but we now have some major news for you. Our team went quiet to put our full focus on completing the last few tasks in Cosmos Invictus, and we are pleased to say we’ve done a great job at blending the components of the game together in preparation for our first release.

The process of pulling together the core components has been difficult for us. Bringing out the full potential of the cards, ships, and ship formations have been a challenging task for us. We are now proud to announce that with hours of play-testing now behind us things are looking bright. By making all sizes of improvements we now have the game close to our envisioned intent.

cosmos invictus steam store page

While it’s challenging to find the sweet spot in between challenge and enjoyment, we feel like we have found a satisfactory balance. In order to deliver the best product we can though, we are going to need a lot more help than our small team can offer. Our next step is to get the game out to you guys by using the STEAM Early Access program. We are diligently working to have the game ready in mid-June, and our fixing all the remaining issues that come before an early launch.

Here at Pegnio, we can’t begin to state how excited we are to be able to present our game to our supporters. We’ve had a lot of ups and downs during the development process and have spent months using every resource we could to assure our project was developed with the utmost care. Through many sacrifices and adjustments made to the gameplay, we have now created a version to share with every Collectible Card Gamer out there. While there are many more features we still would be delighted to add, we feel that by obtaining your feedback through early alpha now, we can make something even more spectacular.

One of the key aspects of Cosmos Invictus are the Missions that take place within the game world. Some of our biggest focus has been on the PvC mode, or player vs. computer mode. In this mode, you will undertake missions given to you by your chosen faction leader. The Early Access release will include 5 missions to choose from, each one with 5 stages to complete.

Cosmos Invictus Missions

Depending on player feedback, we will be adding more mission packs for players to enjoy. We also look forward to player reported feedback to make improvements towards our final version of the game. While Early Access is going on, we will continue to make enhancements to the game to improve your experience. We are completely willing to make changes to our game to meet player demands and look forward to adding features the make Cosmos Invictus even more accessible. We believe that there is so much more we can do to this title, and with your assistance, we can achieve an astonishing finished product.

Making Cosmos Invictus has truly been an amazing journey for all of us here at Pegnio. We set out to make a unique Sci-Fi CCG, and feel we have produced a game with a truly enjoyable experience. We invite all of our supporters to leave us feedback using any of our social media channels to help us progress further. We hope you all enjoy this remarkably strategic CCG Sci-Fi adventure’s first step into the gaming marketplace.

Questions, Comments, or Feedback? You can contact us at our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or directly from our website.