• Cosmos Invictus Gameplay


Welcome to the team, Captain!

You’ve joined us in dire times, but we both know what’s at stake here. I’ll walk you through things and then you get out there and make the difference we both know you can.

This is a heck of a war we have going on, and just like all of us, picking a side is the most important decision of our lives.

You can’t exactly change your mind on later. I’m sure you’ve read up on the different sides though, so I won’t bore you with politics. After all, you’re talking to me so we clearly agree who deserves to win this war. It’s good to have you on board.


I know it wasn’t an easy path for you to get here –we can’t hand out Spaceships to anyone who walks through the door – from here on forward you’re going to have to prove yourself all over again. You’re going to start at the bottom as a Rank 1 Captain and then you’ll move up the ladder over time as you gain more experience (XP) and win some medals.

How do you get XP? Fighting in battles of course. Utilizing your materiel, destroying Mechs and Spaceships; that kind of thing. Some fights will be tougher than other though, so don’t worry.

If you’re going up against a tougher opponent we’ll recognize that in the XP on your career record. Of course, the opposite is also true. If you go out there and fight a creampuff we won’t be rewarding you like you just annihilated a star with a handgun.

Winning battles and gaining XP is a good thing, so we’ve set up some checkpoints between the levels to encourage you and reward your hard work. Those rewards will vary, but will generally be Cosmo Credits, RSE’s, or even new cards for you to use in your battles. Same with gaining a level. So, get out there, gain some XP, and rise up the ranks. We’re counting on you.

career gameplay


First of all enter the desired name/nickname as a space Captain:

name screen

Then select the faction you will join:

faction screen