• Cosmos Invictus Gameplay


Eventually you’re going to need more troops.

After all, the more cards you have the more variety you can make in your Battledecks. The boys in logistics are stretched pretty thin though, and everyone wants more. They distribute supplies in Card Packs, which are basically blocks of materiel you’ve been granted based on your results in battle, or which you buy in the Store. Unfortunately, we don’t get to pick what materiel we get, although you can usually count on better gear coming from a larger shipment. And besides, if you end up with a bunch of cards you don’t want you can always redistribute your resources in the Forge portion of the Hangar and get the specific cards you want that way.

You’ll be given card packs and Cosmo Credits as a reward for promotions and achievements on the battlefield, but we’re fighting this war on a shoestring budget. When you go over to the Astro Store you’ll be able to buy more card packs with your Cosmo Credits, but you’ll also be able to plunk down your personal cash for larger packs, or even bigger ticket items like spaceships. It’s up to you if you want to spend money on those things. In the end, it all goes to the war effort.

When you’re ready to open Card Packs, head to the Reinforcements section of your console. Once there you just drag your Card Pack into the central bay and hope the boys set you up with something good.

TIP: Every Card Pack contains 5 cards, and there are never two identical cards in a pack. There’s also no preference for a particular faction, so any card could be from either faction.

The Card Packs available for use are shown on the right side. To open them ‘drag and drop’ them on the platform:
Reinforcements Screen

The cards are released from the container and are shown initially faced down, click on each card to reveal them.
Reinforcements Pack Open

Now that all the cards have been revealed you can “claim” them and all the cards will be automatically added to your inventory and ready to be used in your Battledecks!
Reinforcements Cards Reveiled

TIP: Special Cards can only be acquired through in-game events – they cannot be bought. Once you receive a Special card it cannot be sold, although if you happen to get another of the same type you will be able to sell your surplus.