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Rare Solar Elements (RSEs) are incredibly energy-rich elements that don’t exist on Earth but are  to be found throughout the rest of the solar system, most especially in asteroid fields and beneath the surfaces of the moons of the gas giant planets. 

Discovering and mining RSEs is one of the chief objectives of both sides in the war, and RSE-rich sites have become the centres of some of the mostly fiercely fought-over warzones. Both sides know that RSEs are the key to achieving their vision to save the future of the human race; for the High Frontier Alliance to construct and power starships to take us out into the galaxy, and for Gaia Unity to create terra-forming technology to repair the damage we’ve done to the Earth.

RSEs are only found in very small quantities in planets, moons and asteroids of our solar system but there aren’t enough for both sides to get what they want. All sides must fight to gain control of them, and – as each sees it – save the human race from extinction.

RSEs are needed especially when constructing Mechs from existing blue-prints or recruiting Pilots but on the other side RSEs can be recovered by melting Mechs and transferring Pilots.

rare solar elements