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The Reason Behind the Silence

Hello Captains,

First off, we would like to thank you all for the continued support of Cosmos Invictus since its launch. You may have noticed that our team has been quieter than normal for the past couple of months.

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Cosmos Invictus – Live on STEAM Early Access!

Here at Pegnio we are really excited to announce that Cosmos Invictus is finally available for you to play on STEAM Early Access program today and we hope that you enjoy playing it! Read more

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Readying Cosmos Invictus for STEAM Early Access

First of all, we would like to apologize to all of our supporters keeping up with the project. We know there has been a lack of updates lately, but we now have some major news for you. Our team went quiet to put our full focus on completing the last few tasks in Cosmos Invictus, and we are pleased to say we’ve done a great job at blending the components of the game together in preparation for our first release. Read more


Cosmos Invictus – Crowdfunding Update

Time to post an update as it has been over two weeks since we launched our Kickstarter campaign – and things are progressing well. We’ve recently received though an offer to take on some funding in order to accelerate the completion of Cosmos Invictus – which would allow us to get it to Steam Early Access faster than originally predicted (aiming for an April release).

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