• Cosmos Invictus Gameplay


Welcome to Your Console Captain!

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Every Captain has one of these available to them, and you’ll spend a lot of time in it when you’re between battles. There’s a bunch of options available so why don’t I give you a quick rundown. Once you’ve familiarized yourself I’ll go through each one in detail.

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A Duel is when you go head-to-head with another Captain – your forces against theirs. These could be Captains you’re familiar with or Captains you’ve never met. One things for sure though: These will be tooth-and-nail battles that will test your skill and Battledeck to the limits.


This is where the ‘real action’ is, faction clash to gain ground, rewards and strategic advantages. Here you will be fighting the enemy faction Captains with the aim of helping your faction win a phase of the war and in the process win some rewards for you as well! As expected, the top ranking Captains will get the best rewards!


Life as a Captain takes you to some unknown paths, one of them is the missions where you will be handed top-secret objectives to complete with the aim of inflicting damage to the enemy faction. Dangerous but rewarding as well, it takes courage and skill to complete them but you get to keep the spoils of war!


There’s only so many resources to go around, so we want them going to the Captains who are willing to go the extra mile. Every day you’ll see that there’s some side goals that we’ve set for you, and each of these challenges comes with its own reward. Trust me, it’s worth the effort.


This is where you’ll manage your forces. Making Decks, Creating Cards, customising your Spaceship… all that good stuff.


Here’s where you’ll open the Card Packs that contain your new Units. It’s always a fun time when you have things to do here.


This is where you’ll buy more Card Packs in order to expand your combat forces. You can either use Cosmo Credits or your personal cash here. Don’t worry, I’ll go into more detail on this in the Reinforcements section.