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A coalition made up of the first generations of colonists who have established off-world communities on many of the planets, moons and asteroids throughout the solar system.  Life is hard on these colonies, many of which exist amidst the lethal environments of the outer planets, and the men and women of the High Frontier Alliance are a tough and independent bunch.

For High Frontier Alliance supporters, Earth is the place their grandparents came from.  Few of them have ever even been there, and they have little affection for the place, believing that the human race’s future is out there in the stars, and not clinging to the surface of a polluted and over-crowded homeworld.

The High Frontier Alliance (HFA) see themselves as humanity’s best and brightest, but Gaia Unity‘s contemptuous nickname for them is The Five-Percenters,  claiming that the HFA plan to colonise words beyond the solar system is based on saving only only 5% of the human race from the Earth’s eventual extinction.

The alliance is led by Adam Zhao, a space-born and bred human who rose through the ranks because of his leadership skills and charisma. For the Gaia Unity supporters he is still seen as a European/Chinese descendant who decided to abandon & betray his ancestors…


Born and raised among the cluster colonies of the moons of Jupiter, Adam Zhao has never been to Earth, nor does he have any interest in ever going there and seeing the world his grand-parents and great grand-parents were born on.

Why would he? To Zhao and others like him – the first generations of humans born among the planets and moons of the outer solar system – Earth is the failing past, while they are the future of the human race. Zhao has little sympathy for the billions still trapped on the dying planet; they’re the losers in the evolutionary race to get off the planet and head to the stars. That’s where humanity’s future is; not clinging to the polluted surface of the mudball circling its one lonely and insignificant little sun.

Zhao came out of a whole group of political groups that came into being among the outer colonies as the colonists’ relationship with the mother planet started to deteriorate. Even before the full realisation of just how valuable RSEs were, there were many groups within colonial politics agitating for full independence from Earth. They called themselves names like Space First, the Star-Born, Generation Next, Legacy 1K, Great Leap Forward and Ad Astra. Their methods and s and policies differed – some advocated armed insurrection against Earth rule, while others counselled a less radical approach – but all of them turned their backs on the Earth and its sun and looked outward to the blackness of interstellar space as the next step in humanity’s social and technological evolution.

The delegation never reached Mars. Under circumstances that have still neve been adequately explained, their ship was suddenly and catastrophically destroyed while travelling through the asteroid belt. In one swoop, most of the mainstream and moderate members of the colonies’ political leadership was killed. The effect of this upon the colonies, and upon their already troubled relationship with Earth would be equally catastrophic.

The official reason given was some kind of engine reactor failure or collision with an asteroid fragment, neither of which were unknown events in the constantly dangerous business of space travel. However, the radicals within the colonist movement immediately claimed that either the Gaia Unity intelligence services had sabotaged the ship’s systems or placed a bomb aboard it, or that the ship had simply been ambushed and destroyed by Gaia Unity military forces hiding and waiting for it among the debris of the asteroid belt.

For their part, Earth-bound news channels were quick to suggest that the colony ship had been destroyed by extremists within the colony movement itself, in order to further fuel anti-Earth anger within the outer colonies.

Whatever its cause, the ship’s destruction created a yawning power vacuum within the High Frontier Alliance and a deep-seated sense of anger within the minds of many colonists. Adam Zhao’s moment had come.

With few influential moderates left to oppose him – most of them had died when the diplomatic mission ship was destroyed – and any appeals fro calm drowned out in the wave of anger and suspicion that immediately followed the incident, Zhao stepped into the empty breach and quickly provided the Alliance with the voice of authority and leadership that many of ots members desperately wanted.

Zhao’s message was simple: for too long, they had been bullied, dictated to and exploited by the Old Earthers. For too long, resources that were badly needed on the colonies were being used to keep the ailing home world and its parasitic population on the life support system that the colonists had been forced to build for them. This enforced arrangement would now end. The colonies had outgrown their parent planet, and could no longer support it nor trust it.

The two branches of humanity – Earth and its colonies; Gaia Unity and the High Frontier Alliance – would now go their separate ways. If that meant war, then so be it.

The future was too precious a thing to be squandered on the colonies tying their fate to that of diseased and dying planet.