Cosmos Invictus – Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! We really hope you had a great holiday season and are full of energy to make the best of 2018!

Christmas_HFA leader2

Looking back at 2017, it was an incredible year for the team working on Cosmos Invictus! A year full of ups and downs, tearful moments and great accomplishments but overall it seemed to pass so quickly – I guess it is true what they say: “time flies when you’re having fun”! For Cosmos Invictus a lot was achieved last year, getting our ALPHA ready after so many months of hard work, beginning work on our BETA (still in-progress), commissioning more artwork for our digital cards and preparing our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign so we can launch it later this month. We’re starting 2018 full of energy and determination to complete Cosmos Invictus the soonest possible!

Our focus for the past few weeks and into January shifts from the BattleZone (the PvP arena) to the single-player mode (PvC) which encompasses everything from the Tutorial – every game needs one to ensure the player understands the basic rules – down to the faction specific Missions which will allow players to familiarise themselves with the game, win rewards and gain more experience as Captains. This combination has been tricky and we’re working to solve some of the challenges that occur but overall, we’re on track on our roadmap thanks to our great devs earning a much-deserved rest this first week of the new year. We have uploaded our first trailer on YouTube with some gameplay, please have a look and tell us what you think!

Cosmos Invictus Play Trailer

Our game would be nothing without our amazing artwork and we’re happy to say that a lot of progress has been made on the digital card illustrations as well. We’re over the 50% mark (an internal milestone) and another 25-30% of the cards are expected to be delivered in the next 3-4 weeks which is an amazing feat by our global team of talented artists! So tens of Mechs are now in the ‘production line’ waiting eagerly for the Pilots and Captains to take them to battle!



KickstarterLast but not least, we’ve talked about this a lot but we’re getting closer to launching our Kickstarter campaign. Some people have asked “why” we need such a campaign? The answer is simple, we have been working on Cosmos Invictus from concept to the current Alpha for over 2 years now. Initially this was done during our free-time but as the game progressed it became evident that full-time attention was needed. The company founder & project lead Kostas quit his job and focused 100% on Pegnio, the company behind the game. Everything up to the ALPHA has been covered by the team’s own pockets as the passion and desire for success runs really high! All money earned from our Kickstarter campaign will be invested in the completion and launching of our game on Steam. Development will not stop when the game launches, though. Instead, we see it as the beginning! We get to continue working with you, our Kickstarter backers, to create a constantly evolving game based your feedback and the results of the faction wars.