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You’re going to see your fair share of battle in the coming months, and when you’re not fighting you’ll be spending your time in the hangar trying to find whatever edge you can get. Truth is, a lot of your battlefield success is going to depend on how effectively you manage your hangar so make sure you don’t neglect it. 

This is where you’ll plan, strategize, and recruit. A lot of who you are as a commander will be the product of what you do in your hangar time.


Hangar Inventory

When you start your career we’ll give you a basic squad to command, but over time you’re going to recruit new troops and get rid of others. You can’t bring everything into battle at once, so you’re limited to 5 Pilots and 25 Mechs/Events in any given Battledeck. You also can’t have more than 5 of any one kind of card, and you can only have 1 copy of a Special card in any Battledeck.

To create a new Battledeck go to the Inventory tab and hit that green ‘New Battledeck’ button.

That new space that opens up on the right is where the cards will appear as you add them to your Battledeck. Just tap cards from the list and they’ll add to your Battledeck. Blue cards are Gaia Unity, red cards are High Frontier Alliance. If you want to dump a card back into inventory just tap on it from within the Battledeck and it will shift out.

And don’t forget to name your Battledeck something you’ll recognize so you can tell it apart from others when you head into battle! Do not forget that if you add cards that do not belong to your faction there is a ‘penalty’ every time you want to play them so be careful which cards you choose!

TIP: Formations are Battledeck-dependent so it’s often best to pick your formation first, then build your Battledeck out with cards that work well in that formation.


Formations Selection

When you create a Battledeck, you also pick the formation you want that Battledeck to launch in. So what’s a formation?

Formations are two things: The positions your Mechs can take on the battlefield, and the bonuses associated with those positions. When you launch a Mech you specify a position for it to occupy in your formation and it will remain there until it is destroyed, has to refuel, or you move it.

Moving a Mech from one position to another will cost that Mech one fuel point and can only be done once per turn.

Notice that different positions have stat modifiers that affect the occupying Mech’s attack and defence scores. These scores are different for each formation, and will impact what the Mech is capable once it’s deployed on the battlefield, so make sure you match your Mechs with their best positions.

Another thing to consider with positions is the special abilities associated with some positions.

The real power in formations however, is in the bonuses and penalties associated with a given slot.


This Mech can choose to perform two attacks per turn (each attack costs 1 fuel). If you have a Mech on this position that already has an ability for double-attack then this position ability has no bonus.


A stealthed Mech cannot be attacked until the Mech attacks a target.


When you have in a position with a Shield ability, the enemy has to attack that Mech before it can attack any other position, including the spaceship.


Restores 5 to 10 points (random) of Defence stats every turn until Max Defence of Mech (or Mech+Pilot) is reached.

TIP: When a Mech is in a position with a bonus to its defence score, any attacks from the enemy reduce that bonus before they impact the Mech’s defence. So if your Mech has 40 defence and is in a slot with +20 defence, you have a functional defence of 60 (40+20). If you then get attacked and take -15 damage, your Mech’s personal defence hasn’t actually been reduced since all the damage was first applied to the position bonus. Were you to move that Mech, it would still have a defence value of 40. Similarly, if the same Mech had instead received -22 damage and you moved the Mech, it would have a defence of 38 because all of the bonus defence was destroyed and your Mech took -2 damage to it’s personal defence.


Over time you’ll acquire cards you don’t want or need, and you’ll also find yourself wanting to boost the numbers of a certain kind of card in your possession. That’s where Forging comes in handy.

forge card

The ‘Forge’ portion of the Hangar looks similar to the ‘Inventory’ space except that it shows how many units you have of each card. If a card is grayed out it means you don’t have any copies of that card, but you can still look at its specs to see if it’s something you want to add to your Battledeck.

The Forge screen is where you melt or transfer cards from your arsenal and, if you have enough RSE’s, Forge new cards to bring into your Battledecks. We call reassigning Mechs ‘melting’ because all inactive materiel has its RSE’s removed for reallocation. They’re too valuable to leave in some Mech gathering dust in the corner.

Clicking on a card in the Forge screen will bring up that card’s description, along with what you’ll get from melting it and how much it will cost to acquire a new one.

Melting or Forging is as easy as clicking on the appropriate button, but note that you can’t melt a Mech or transfer a Captain that’s currently in one of your Battledecks (you’ll have to remove it from the Battledeck first or delete that Battledeck). You also can’t melt cards from your starter set.

Acquisition is more expensive than dismissal because, well, this is the military and it’s been that way since the first day someone picked up a spear. Some things never change.

TIP: You can only Forge cards that have already been in your possession at some point in the past. If you want more variety in your options, you’ll want to head over to the Reinforcements screen to open some card packs.


Hangar Spaceship

Your spaceship is your command centre. It’s the heart and soul of your forces, and it’s also the place you fight your battles from so don’t get blown up. Feel free to blow up your opponent though. In fact, that’s the whole point. When your opponent’s spaceship is gone, the battle is over.

Your Hangar is where you’ll see your current spaceship, as well as any other ships you may have acquired along the way. They all have pretty much the same structure, but they have different strengths and weaknesses.

Now, the first ship we’re going to give you is the best one we’ve got available, which is a fancy way of saying no one else wants it. She’s got limited upgrade capability and mediocre firepower, but she runs and will win you some battles if you use her correctly. Show us what you can do, then we’ll talk about an upgrade.

Every Spaceship is unique. There’s a bunch of different models out there but you’re only ever going to get one of each. You may be good enough to collect them all, but I’ll be damned if we let you hoard them.

When looking at a spaceship, here’s information you’ll want to keep in mind when planning out a strategy:

spaceship factionFaction

Some of the ships are ours, some are mass-produced ‘neutral’ vessels that are lying around, and other’s are custom-built by the other side. You can use whatever you want, but if you decide to go into battle with an enemy spaceship just bear in mind that you’ll end up taking about 10% more damage from attacks.

spaceship attackAttacking

If you have a weapon installed then this will reflect the attacking power of your Spaceship, it will be used to counter-attack when Mechs are performing attacks against your Spaceship.

spaceship hpHit Points

How much damage the Spaceship can sustain. If this hits zero, kaboom. Battle’s over.

spaceship refuel slotsRefuel Slots

This is how many Mechs can refuel at the same time. If a Mech needs to refuel and the fuel depots are full, that Mech – and any Pilot on board – is out of commission for the rest of the battle.

spaceship energyMax Energy

Over the course of a battle, the energy your ship produces goes up by one each round, but the max amount varies per spaceship. Higher max energy means you’ll be able to do more in later rounds, which may or may not be critical depending on how you build your Battledeck.

spaceship slotUpgrade Slots

How many upgrades your spaceship can carry. Let’s talk about that in a bit more detail.

Each spaceship has 1-4 upgrade slots, depending on the ‘class’ of the Spaceship, the better spaceships – and usually the most expensive – have the most upgrade slots available.

Spaceship upgrades are split into four categories:

  • Weapons: This is where you can add a weapons module allowing you to attack and counter-attack enemies. To use weapons in battle you will be spending spaceship energy as shown on the weapons module.
  • Shields: Installing shield modules will allow you to increase the durability of your Spaceship but usually at the expense of the max energy of your spaceship. You will find the details by looking at the details of each shield module.
  • Engine boosters: Overloading your engines is a way to get more ‘juice’ out but comes at a cost, the spaceship durability is impacted thus the HP are lowered, check the details on each engine module for more information.
  • Special modules: Once installed these modules can ‘assist’ your Mechs in combat by adding a little bit of ‘oomph’ to make sure the enemy is beaten for good!

Be careful though, you can only use a Weapon or Special ability only once a turn!

TIP: It’s not uncommon to find yourself in the first round without any cards that can be played with only 1 Spaceship Energy. If you happen to have a ship that can fire its weapons with only 1 energy don’t forget to take a free shot at the enemy!

Obviously you’re going to want to change upgrades periodically, but that’s no big deal. Just drag and drop the upgrades from the bottom of the spaceship screen onto the appropriate upgrade slot and our engineers will handle the rest. If you want more upgrades to choose from just head over to the store and see what’s available.

spaceship module