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Gaia Unity (named after the ancient Greek earth mother goddess) is the Earth-wide alliance dedicated to gathering the space-born resources needed to restore humanity’s homeworld.  Gaia Unity supporters  – dismissively  called Old Earthers by their High Frontier Alice enemies  – think it is wrong to flee out into space and abandon our polluted and over-populated home.  Better, they say, to use any alien Pathfinder technology and the new energy sources of the RSEs to repair the damage done to Earth, regenerating the planet and allowing it to remain the home of the human race for many more centuries to come.

After what appeared to be an endless era of conflict the governments of Earth’s nations unanimously decided to appoint Jocelyn Summers as the President of Gaia Unity, a British of Afro-Caribbean roots hoping the entire planet would unite behind her vision to rebuild the Earth using the newly found PATHFINDER technology.


It isn’t easy being president of an entire planet..  Just ask Jocelyn Summers.  On an average day, problems that cross her desk include food riots in every corner of the globe; worldwide rising pollution levels; the latest war that has broken out between member states competing for dwindling resources, and yet another climate change catastrophe that will very soon render entire areas of the earth uninhabitable.

And, on top of all this, she also has a space war to win.

Elected to office on a solid Earth First platform advocating radical change all across the board – environmental, financial, industrial, military – to halt the slide into the abyss that the human race now faced.  Jocelyn Summers is a tough and pragmatic politician who faced her greatest challenge with the the split with the outer colonies and the subsequent war against the High Frontier Alliance.

For Jocelyn, this wasn’t a matter for compromise.  It was a question of saving the mother planet and its billions of inhabitants.  When negotiations with the colonies broke down over how the RSEs would be allocated between the colonist and Earth, she simply sent in the military to seize control of the disputed resource sites. 

For her, the home planet’s needs are always paramount.  Nothing more matters, and – regrettably, for the survival of the Earth – its rebellious children scattered among their colonies in the rest of the solar system – must be made to realise that.

She’s fighting this war for the future of Earth and its billions of desperate inhabitants, and this is a war where the needs of the many will always outweigh the selfish desires of the few.

Once Rare Solar Elements started to be found throughout the system and their importance realised, both Earth and the colonists claimed principal ownership of them.  To Jocelyn and her government the issue was quite clear; the solar system and everything in it belonged to the human race, which in practice meant the home planet and its inhabitants.  As well as Earth’s legal right, there was also its moral right; the planet is dying from the damage done to it by centuries of industrial exploitation; the same exploitation that allowed its space colonies to be established in the first place.  Earth and its population needed those RSEs to repair the damage done to the planet.