• Cosmos Invictus Gameplay


Space is a big battlefield, and we don’t get time to hang out with our mates as much as we like. We’re all too damn busy, but occasionally we can get together and do some training.

If you want to connect just hit the Friends icon in the top right of your main screen. It’ll bring up three lists of names:


This is your global friends list from civilian life, not just the ones in the military. You can invite them from here onto your military list – we always need more soldiers.


This is a list of friends who are in your military directory. It’s different from the global friends list, although I’m sure you’ll have folks who appear on both lists. Also after each battle you will have the option to add your opponent to your friends list, they will appear there once they accept your invite. At the same time you will need to check your Invites tab as others may have added you as a Friend.


This is for the folks who’ve asked to be added as Friends to your military directory. You can accept those invites from here.

The best thing about the Friends lists are that you can invite them into a simulation and you can test your skill and Battledecks against each other. What cements a friendship more than kicking their ass on the battlefield, right?

friends screen