Cosmos Invictus – The Beginning

Let’s create the best Sci-Fi Collectible Card Game (CCG) out there!

That was the idea thrown out during a regular catch-up with a group of close friends while we all had a beer down the pub about two years ago. You could say we were somewhat naive – thinking that as competent gamers, developers, techies (albeit in totally different sectors), we could build a brand-new game on our own.

The game must be based on Mechs!

Most of us loved the concept of robotic (and piloted) Mechs, so it was decided that this would be the main “unit” of our game. The evolution of Mechs, introduced by Japanese animations like Gundam and Macross (known as Robotech in the U.S.), has been amazing in the last few years – with so many new productions involving Mechs and healthy sales numbers for hundreds of plastic model kits. We knew that licensing any existing designs would be nearly impossible, so we decided to create our own futuristic setting with unique Mechs!

How hard could it be?

Well, the answer is “easy” if you had a few drinks … but we had a “reality check” and learned the hard way. After what seemed to be endless weeks discussing and debating just the core rules of the game, it became obvious that it would take a lot of effort, passion and persistence to make it what we were all dreaming about. The number of Post-It notes used to scribble numbers and mock battles must have been enough to build Big Ben, but we kept going as the passion continued to drive us forward. With every step, there were more choices to make: platforms, technologies, style, artwork, story…. Every week, we had to make what seemed to be endless choices with no clear right or wrong. Each decision had near- or long-term consequences, and every little detail mattered.

This game must be fun, realistic, strategic – and definitely not greedy!
TCG Cards

That phrase has been our main goal from the beginning. We were all mature gamers with vast experience in both physical card games – from simple ones to the most complicated Japanese TCGs – and digital card games. We knew what was exciting and what was frustrating for the player. Above everything, we wanted our game to be fun! If you’re not having fun, there’s no reason to play a game – is there? “Fun” means different things to different people, but it encompasses the feeling of excitement and satisfaction every time you play – knowing it’s not a waste of time.

Apart from fun, we wanted to introduce a more realistic and strategic element to the game. Luck plays a role, but so do your choices – since a player can change the tide of a battle. Last but not least: Although we decided to make a free-to-play title, we wanted it to be fair for all players. This means that you can play, advance, and participate to a large extent without having to spend lots of money – and also not be able to buy you way to the top. You have to earn it in battle!

So what’s the story?

This was a tough choice – going for a parallel universe, a new “galaxy far far away,” or a future timeline. We opted for the latter. We wanted to have a game where two factions (initially) have their own reasons for fighting – without a right or wrong choice, but a different approach and thought process. We also wanted to make the game and mechanics as realistic as possible, but also bring in some of our concerns about what could happen to the planet if we ruin the environment and exhaust the Earth’s resources.

Let’s do it!”

The unanimous decision was made. Since then, we’ve been working on Cosmos Invictus with all our available passion and energy. It has been a journey two years in the making – with endless ups and downs, quarrels and celebrations. The initial passion remains – and with the new talented team members who have joined us in our quest, we are ready to bring the game to life!

We’ve come a really long way with our own resources – building more than 60% of the features into the final product. However, we need that last push to complete the game. We’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign soon – and we look forward to your feedback and support! In the mean-time we will be releasing more information about the game, screen-grabs, and videos as we make progress.

Kostas Vlassis
Founder of Pegnio