Cosmos Invictus – Making Progress…

It has been about 2 weeks since our last blog post and rest assured we have not been idling, exactly the opposite we’re working on full throttle on many fronts!

digital earthOn the development side the team is focusing on the BattleZone area of Cosmos Invictus where the players will be split into different difficulty sections of the solar system to fight against their opponents. A lot of complex calculations will be happening in the background, faction stats being updated, war maps, rankings, promotions and demotions based on results… We’re working with memory caching engines (like Redis) to make the experience faster but as with everything new it has take a bit more time that we anticipated but now we’re back on track!

At the same time, we’re working with a number of really talented artists around the globe to create more unique and exclusive illustrations for our game. Each illustration starts from a simple hand-drawn sketch and takes tens of hours of hard work to be finalised with feedback loops along the way to ensure it meets our game requirements. We are really proud of each one of the Mech, Pilot and Event illustrations being created and can’t wait to share them with you when our Kickstarter campaign launches until then we can give you a sneak peek of some of the Mechs that will be available in Cosmos Invictus.

mechs sample1

Last but not least we are working on our Kickstarter campaign page as there is a lot of copy to write and we may be good at many things, but content writing is not our strong point (Gordon, our narrative designer, excluded). We aim to have the Kickstarter page content finished by the end of the month and use December (before we break for the holidays) to create the videos and trailers needed to showcase how great the game will be with your help! With all the big studios releasing their top titles in November followed by Christmas when every company seems to be competing for advertising space – making it incredibly expensive for an indie studio – we decided to move our Kickstarter campaign launch to mid-January. I have to admit we are a bit disappointed we couldn’t launch earlier as we initially intended but as an indie studio we have to be above everything realistic. In the meantime we’re putting all our energy and effort in completing the sections we can with our own resources and then launch the Kickstarter campaign where with your help we can bring this fantastic game to life!