Cosmos Invictus – Live on STEAM Early Access!

Here at Pegnio we are really excited to announce that Cosmos Invictus is finally available for you to play on STEAM Early Access program today and we hope that you enjoy playing it!

We look forward to hearing your feedback so that we can finish crafting the game into its ultimate form. We will be doing maintenance and updates to continually correct any imperfections found. Additionally, we also will always be looking for ways to adjust and perfect the gameplay for our players.

Cosmos Invictus Steam Launch Store

We would like to note that despite our best efforts there might be the odd bug or two in the game at the start of the Early Access phase, but we will be working to fix these quickly. If you have any problems at all we will take care of them with diligence. We truly wish this launch to be enjoyable by everyone who has put their faith in our project. While We understand no launch is perfect, but we have poured our hearts into this game and will continue to do so to make it go as smoothly as possible.

We already have a have our Steam Community for the game up and running. Through this community, you can easily talk to us and report ongoing issues. In fact, we are already hard at work, working with you to make this launch as smooth as possible! The community will also give you a solid place to discuss strategies with other players. We are looking forward to seeing your videos and screenshots posted within the community!

Cosmos Invictus Steam Discussions

It has taken over two years to bring Cosmos Invictus to this point. We’ve had over 40 contributors working on the project, who have come from more than 20 different countries around the world. This has provided us with variety in our team to develop our game even further. We will continue to operate as a diverse team and improve the game. We are proud to have various developer perspectives to open-up the creative channels of Cosmos Invictus even further.

Going forward, we plan to do even more than just fix bugs. We will have several additional fan targeted events included competitions for you to prove your skill against other players and prize draws! While these extras along with some other surprises are still in the works, we expect to have them live for you in the near future. We can’t wait to produce tons of new content in the future, feel free to drop us a line or leave your feedback!