Cosmos Invictus – We’re on Kickstarter!

The Cosmos Invictus Kickstarter campaign is now underway! It has been a long road to get to this point, but the day is finally here 🙂

We’re thrilled to share this moment with all our fans. We wouldn’t be here without you – and we need your continuing support to reach our goal of £20,000 (roughly $28,000 USD)!

Cosmos Invictus Kickstarter

Hard Sci-Fi without Magic

With Cosmos Invictus, we wanted to create an engaging sci-fi collectible card game (CCG) that focuses on the strategic elements not usually found in traditional trading card games (TCGs) – or other online CCGs for that matter. For more than 18 months, we playtested the game and worked hard to strike the right balance between far-reaching strategic moves and instinctive moves/countermoves. The result is a game that’s true to its sci-fi nature while offering a unique blend of strategy and combat.

Game Intro:

What makes Cosmos Invictus special is the game’s true sci-fi roots, quick-paced battles, and the ability to play against a friend online – all without microtransactions. We call it a “strategic CCG.” Winning is all about unit positioning and formations, and you also need to deal with the unexpected challenge of losing all your heroes! We may add an alien component later, but Cosmos Invictus already offers mech fans much of what they seek in a strategy game … and we’re just getting started!

The Kickstarter deadline is Wednesday, March 7. We’ll need your help to get funded, and we’ll do everything in our power to earn your support.

If you have any questions, make sure to drop us a line at