Cosmos Invictus – Our BattleZone

They say time flies when you’re having fun and indeed it has gone too fast as we’re working hard on completing the multiplayer arena of Cosmos Invictus, what we call the BattleZone but also getting more Mechs ready to expand our game card collection and provide the players an unforgettable experience !

We experimented and prototyped a number of ideas and at the end we decided to implement a system where players can fight on different sectors of the Solar system based on their experience and level in the game. So, battles will rage from Phobos on Mars down to Charon on Pluto… The further from the Sun the location, the toughest the opponents but also the higher the rewards!

BattleZone Solar Map

In the BattleZone players will be battling enemy faction opponents not only for experience and individual rewards but also to assist their faction in winning the sector and the War within the time limit. Every battle taking place contributes to the accumulated “War Points” of each faction and the winning faction will be given some very special War spoils each time. Wars are large events thus they will be scheduled to start every 5-6 days.

At the end of each War the rewards will be given out automatically and according to their rankings and results players will be moved to different sectors of the Solar system to maintain a balance of power and counteract the enemy’s aggressiveness.

BattleZone Sector Map

On an individual level player will be gaining CosmoCredits and Rare Solar Elements as rewards but also War Medals that they can use to purchase items for the Store that will only be available for these War heroes! There will be no other way to purchase these special items, only by participating and winning battles in the War, this is to make it fair to the players who fight for their faction.

Apart from the BattleZone development we’re working with our amazing global team of artists to further expand our card inventory and create even more game cards – Mechs, Pilots and Events – to further enhance the game and make it the most stunning and inspiring CCG game based on Mechs ever created. Every single card you will see in the game is hand-drawn by our artists exclusively with our game in mind and the excitement of fighting in space to prevail in Cosmos Invictus!

Mech New Designs

Last but not least I’m happy to report that we are making good progress with our planned Kickstarter campaign and we are still on-track for a mid-January launch! There has been a lot of content to be produced but we’re almost there!