Cosmos Invictus is a turn-based game where each side must perform their actions within a set time limit, pitting themselves against human or computer opponents.

The first decision you’ll make when you enter a game is selecting the Battledeck you’re going to use. The list you have available to you is based on the Battledecks you’ve constructed in your Hangar, and if you don’t like the Battledecks you have available you can always take a quick hop over to the Hangar and make a new Battledeck.

Deck Selection

Once you have a Battle deck selected the game will connect you with your opponent. One of you will be randomly selected to go first, and you will be dealt a starter hand.

Card View

At this point you can choose to select as many cards as you like for a redraw by tapping on them. Any card you want to redraw will be marked with a large red X. If you have chosen to redraw any cards they will be replaced with other cards from your Battledeck, and the discarded cards will be returned to your Battledeck at random.

Card Selection

Once you have your cards in hand the game will start.


There are two main resources you’ll need to manage throughout a match of Cosmos Invictus:

Spaceship Energy:

This is the power your Spaceship uses to play cards, launch its weapons, utilize its active upgrades, or attach Pilots. Max Energy varies between Spaceships and is affected by the passive upgrades installed on the ship.

In the first round of the game, the Spaceship will only have 1 unit of Energy available to it. Each round thereafter the Spaceship will begin the round with 1 more unit of Energy added to its allotment until it reaches the Max Energy for the Spaceship (each spaceship has its own Max limit).

The Spaceship begins each round with its Energy reserves full. The amount of Energy available in your ship is shown in the yellow bar beneath your ship.

Any Battledeck card, upgrade, or pilot that can be played with the amount of available Spaceship Energy will be outlined in green. The Energy cost of playing a card is the yellow value in the top-left corner of the card.

Mech Fuel:

Each Mech has a certain amount of fuel, and the maximum fuel a Mech can carry varies from Mech to Mech. This information can be seen on the Mech’s card. Mechs use fuel for everything: Attacking, Counterattacking, Moving – even having a Pilot attached to them will use up a Fuel point.

The amount of Fuel a dispatched Mech currently has, and its max possible, is displayed in green on the Mech’s card.

When a Mech runs out of Fuel it returns to the Spaceship for refueling, even if this is in the middle of the opponent’s turn. If the Spaceship has no refueling slots available, the Mech is destroyed. The number of refueling slots available is Spaceship-dependant.

It takes 1 full round for a Mech to refuel, and only one Mech can be refueled at a time. Mechs are refueled in the order they arrived at the Spaceship.


Each time you begin your turn, three things will happen:

You will be dealt a new card at random from your Battledeck. If you have exhausted all of the cards in your Battledeck, your Spaceship will take 1 point of damage. This amount will increase by +1 point each round thereafter. So the first round would be 1 point of damage, then 2 points, 3,4,5, and so on.

icon2Your Spaceship’s available energy will increase by 1 so long as it is not at its max energy, and all of your energy will refill.

NOTE: This refill rate can be altered by some spaceship upgrades.

icon3If there are any Mechs in the refueling bay, the next one in the queue will return to the battlefield.

NOTE: If the Mech wasn’t in your refueling bay at the end of your last turn, you will have to wait until your next turn for it to return to the battlefield.


You can launch a Mech or play an Event Card so long as you have enough Spaceship Energy available. Cards from the opposing faction cost an additional SE to play.

To launch a card, tap on your hand to see the full list of cards. If you want to look at a specific card in detail, tap and hold on it. This works for any card on the board, not just your hand.

To play a Mech, drag it from your hand to a specific slot on the battlefield.

The Mech will move to the specified spot and adopt any available bonuses (for more on this, see the Formations section).

Playing an Event Card is similar, except that you only need to drag it onto the game board if it has a generalized effect. If its effect is directed at one friendly or enemy Mech however, you’ll need to drag that Event Card onto the specific Mech you want affected.

Play Mech


To attack the enemy with a Mech or your Spaceship, simply drag that card onto the target you want to attack. Each Mech can only attack once per turn unless it has the ‘Active’ bonus from its spot in the formation (see Formations for more detail). Any Mech that is able to attack or move will be outlined in green.

Note that if the enemy has a Mech on a Shield slot in their formation, that Mech is the only viable target on the board. It must be destroyed or forced to refuel before you can target any other Mechs or the Spaceship.

When you attack the opponent also launches a simultaneous counterattack. Both you and the target will receive damage at the same time. The only exception is if the enemy has the ‘Fast’ ability, in which case it will deliver damage to you first. Once damage has been applied, any Mech whose Defence drops below 0 will be destroyed. If a Mech isn’t destroyed, it will lose 1 Fuel point following the attack/counterattack, and if Fuel drops to 0 it will retreat to the Spaceship for refueling.

Mech Attack

TIP: When attacking with the Spaceship, the opponent is not able to counter your attacks. Similarly, when attacking the Spaceship with your Mechs it is only able to counter the first attack. All other attacks will not be countered.


Mechs can be moved from one position to another at a cost of 1 Fuel point by dragging their card to your chosen destination.


Another thing you can do on your turn is attach a Pilot. To attach a Pilot you need sufficient Spaceship Energy. This amount varies by Pilot, so consider that in your plans when building your Battledecks. To attach the Pilot, simply drag it onto the Mech you want to attach it to.

Mech Moving

Mechs that move from a position with stats modifiers or special abilities will loose them once they move to the new position in the formation and will inherit the new stats modifiers and any abilities of the new position.

Mech and Pilot

Once the Pilot attaches, their bonuses to Attack and Defence will be applied, as will any special Abilities that the Pilot may have (see the Pilots section for more details). The Mech will then lose a fuel point. If this puts the Mech down to 0 Fuel, they will immediately go to the refueling bay on the spaceship.


Your turn ends either when you hit the ‘END TURN’ button, or when the timer runs out.


The first player to destroy the opponent’s Spaceship wins the battle.


When the game ends you will be shown the victory or defeat screen, which also shows your career progression. XP will be applied based on how you performed in the game, and you will receive any bonuses you may be entitled to. Check out the ‘Career’ page for more detail on your Cosmos Invictus career.

If the game was against a human opponent, you will also be given the opportunity to add that person to your Friends list.

Victory Screen
Level Up Rewards