Cosmos Invictus – Alpha build ready!

We are all excited here at Pegnio because we hit a major milestone of our Cosmos Invictus development plan at the end of last week: the completion of our Alpha build! This playable and functional Alpha incorporates all the key features – especially cards, decks, rules, and battles. We were all glued to our screens as the final build on Friday was completed successfully – and a feeling of excitement filled the air!

Despite the fatigue, bleary eyes and the looming Halloween weekend, we couldn’t stop playing, challenging each other to more Duels, and saying repeatedly, “Just one more game before we go home!” We hope to share more of the current game mechanics and user interface this week as we iron out some of the little glitches that we identified (nothing major – more aesthetic improvements), but we will need a couple of days to sort these out before starting our plans for the next development milestone.

The Game’s Main Screen

As you can see below Cosmos Invictus main screen has seven key areas:

  • Duels: Players will be able to challenge friends and strangers (of any faction) to battle for experience and rewards.
  • BattleZone: Faction wars will be held – complete with special rewards for the winning faction and top-ranking players. Depending on the outcome of the war, the game story will evolve as well, making a truly dynamic game based on the player’s actions.
  • Challenges: Players will find objectives to complete and as expected, win rewards. This area will be refreshed daily.
  • Missions: Players may complete special missions to help their faction – gaining experience and rewards as well. Missions will be played against an AI opponent to make the experience realistic and challenging.
  • Hangar: Players may review their card collections, build their decks, change battle formations, customize their spaceship, and forge cards.
  • Reinforcements: Players may open Card Packs to add more cards to their collection.
  • AstroStore: As the name suggests, this will be the place to buy Card Packs and other in-game items.

We have chosen to build Cosmos Invictus for Steam first (both Windows and Mac; hoping to add Linux support as well) because this gives us the most flexibility and a great, built-in player community. Thus, the Friends icon on the top (with the green zero) will give you the ability to challenge your Steam friends for a Duel and also add any new friends you make playing the game. This will allow you to keep your Cosmos Invictus friends and Steam friends separate. (More information on this feature coming soon!)

After the ALPHA

What may appear to be ‘easy’ from the outside has taken hours and hours of exhausting work from designers, user interface/experience specialists, illustrators, developers, testers, game designers, narrative designers, and composers – just to name a few! A truly global team of more than 16 people from different backgrounds and nationalities has contributed to Cosmos Invictus – making it a unique project in every possible way – and we look forward to continuing as a team to bring this game to life.

The Alpha build has more than 60% of the codebase that’s needed for the game, but there’s still a lot of work to be done. So far, we’ve completed the Duels, Challenges, Hangar and Reinforcements areas. For the next phase of development, we plan to work on the BattleZone area; we’re all thrilled to get going, since this is where the factions clash – and every battle counts!

As we make progress we’ll keep everyone updated on our social media accounts (please like/follow us on Facebook & Twitter) and on this blog. We also plan to release some more descriptive videos of the Alpha soon so you can a real look and feel of Cosmos Invictus!