Cosmos Invictus – Alpha build ready!

We are all excited here at Pegnio because we hit a major milestone of our Cosmos Invictus development plan at the end of last week: the completion of our Alpha build! This playable and functional Alpha incorporates all the key features – especially cards, decks, rules, and battles. We were all glued to our screens as the final build on Friday was completed successfully – and a feeling of excitement filled the air!
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Cosmos Invictus Logo

Cosmos Invictus – The Beginning

Let’s create the best Sci-Fi Collectible Card Game (CCG) out there!

That was the idea thrown out during a regular catch-up with a group of close friends while we all had a beer down the pub about two years ago. You could say we were somewhat naive – thinking that as competent gamers, developers, techies (albeit in totally different sectors), we could build a brand-new game on our own.

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