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Choose your faction and embark on an epic fight to determine the fate of humanity in Cosmos Invictus, an interstellar collectible card game. Prepare to engage in intense, strategic battles with a variety of customizable ships, and pilot. Go head-to-head with other players in the Player-vs-Player BattleZone arena, face off against the computer in Player-vs-AI missions, or scout out challenges for profitable rewards. Will your vision for humanity come to light… or disappear into oblivion?

Cosmos Invictus is a Sci-Fi Collectible Card Game (CCG) currently under development and will launch on Steam (initially for Windows PCs) in April 2018.

Currently the game has completed the ALPHA stage and undergoing rigorous play-testing as there are are so many strategic and unique features that make it fun, strategic and exciting!

Latest News & Updates

  • mech_lightsCosmos Invictus – Crowdfunding Update
    Time to post an update as it has been over two weeks since we launched our Kickstarter campaign – and things are progressing well. We’ve recently received though an offer to take on some funding in order to accelerate the completion of Cosmos Invictus – which would allow us to get it to Steam Early Access faster than
  • Cosmos KS LIVECosmos Invictus – We’re on Kickstarter!
    The Cosmos Invictus Kickstarter campaign is now underway! It has been a long road to get to this point, but the day is finally here 🙂 We’re thrilled to share this moment with all our fans. We wouldn’t be here without you – and we need your continuing support to reach our

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